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  • Hardware Structure Project Engineer
  • PMC Planner
  • Quotation Engineer
  • DQA
  • SQA
  • PQA
Job Requirements 1. Vocational school or above; Proficient in operating 3D drawing software such as Autocad, Pro/e/UG, etc. 2. Experience in designing or manufacturing automotive structural components is preferred. 3. Familiar with CAD 3D drawing conversion. Job Responsibilities 1. Responsible for feasibility evaluation of new projects and mold quotation. 2. Responsible for tracking mold development and reviewing design plans. 3. Responsible for following up on the development of fixtures and fixtures related to new projects. 4. Regularly review the process design, validation, and documentation of the mold to ensure compliance with customer requirements. 5. Assist in the inspection and acceptance of molds and inspection tools.