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As an emerging growth enterprise, our company provides a high growth platform for newcomers, and through various training support,Enable employees to reap growth; Through democratic decision-making mechanisms and flexible channels for upgrading salary increases,Enable every employee to participate in corporate innovation and achieve high returns. Li Tong drives the development of the enterprise and leads the technological innovation of the entire industry through the personal growth and team building of employees.
Talent Concept
Putting people first, measuring talents and applying them to their fullest potential.
Talent Introduction Concept
Do not shy away from enemies outside, do not shy away from relatives inside, prioritize individuals with both moral and talent, cultivate individuals with virtue and without talent, and be cautious in using individuals with talent but without virtue, regardless of their individual strengths.
Employment Philosophy
Set up positions according to the situation, employ personnel according to the position, and ensure personnel suitability.
Talent Cultivation Concept
Career planning, strict requirements, and humanized management.