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Power batteries and energy storage modules are the core components of new energy vehicles, accounting for 10% to 40% of vehicle costs. As the world energy crisis and environmental problems become increasingly prominent, the power battery industry, as the power source of new energy vehicles, has huge market potential and is an important part of national strategic development.
New energy vehicle chassis
The battery cell is the core of a power battery. A battery module is composed of individual cells assembled in series and parallel through a busbar, which can be used for screw locking, resistance welding, ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic aluminum wire welding, and laser welding.
Littonghang, supported by mature production processes for structural components such as stamping, stretching, and laser welding, we provide new energy vehicle companies with a complete solution from battery cells, modules, to battery packs. Making power batteries safer, lighter, and longer in life is the tireless pursuit of Litong pedestrians.
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