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IGBT, also known as "insulated gate bipolar junction transistor", can convert the DC power of the power battery into the AC power that can be applied by the vehicle function unit, determine the vehicle torque performance through internal power control, and control high-voltage charging, air conditioning temperature control, etc. Due to their functional importance, IGBT and power battery cells are known as the "dual core" of new energy vehicles.
IGBT finished product
Litonghang, based on die-casting and forging manufacturing processes, provides IGBT suppliers with the manufacturing and processing of IGBT modules, radiators, structural components, etc. Our products have low thermal resistance coefficient and high thermal conductivity coefficient, and are widely used for IGBT module thermal cooling in electric vehicles, achieving the best combination of thermal performance, reliability, cost, weight, and size.
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    Cold forging production workshop
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    CNC machining of IGBT heat dissipation substrate
IGBT heat dissipation substrate packaging finished product