Eic System‍            |            Power Battery & Energy Storage Module‍            |            Die Cast Box‍            |             IGBT

The three electric systems of new energy vehicles include: motor, electronic control, and power supply. The efficient and safe operation of the three electrical systems, in which structural components play a role in energy transmission, load-bearing, safety protection, fixed support, and exterior decoration.

Excellent automotive structural components should have specific functions such as connectivity, seismic resistance, heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, anti-interference, and anti-static properties depending on the application environment.
The processing of structural components in the three electrical systems mainly involves surface treatment processes such as stamping, welding, riveting, electroplating and electrophoresis. Litong has many industry-leading welding equipment (including polymer Diffusion welding, ultrasonic welding, laser welding and resistance welding), 80T-600T injection molding machine, 45T-600T punch, and supporting mold processing equipment and testing equipment. Our company has saved costs and reduced body weight by providing lightweight three electric and high-voltage system structural components without changing performance, and has won unanimous praise from our cooperating customers.
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