IGBT promotion

2023-04-26 10:35

Assisting in the dream of independent chips, Litong has successfully mass-produced automotive grade IGBT heat sinks. It is the leading component in new energy vehicles and is known as the CPU of new energy vehicles, accounting for 7% -10% of the total vehicle cost. It is the second highest cost component besides batteries and also determines the energy efficiency of the entire vehicle.

The global IGBT basically presents a multi oligopoly pattern. The market share of the top five IGBT manufacturers is 74% in total, and they are mainly European, American and Japanese companies. With the Western countries led by the United States launching a chip war against China, domestic automobile enterprises are in short supply of chips, and various automobile enterprises have invested heavily in the research, development and promotion of IGBT.

At present, local enterprises in China that can achieve IGBT research and manufacturing include BYD, Geely Automobile, Silan Micro, Yangjie Technology, Star Semiconductor, China Resources Microelectronics, etc. Overall, the domestic substitution of IGBT has started. Our company serves well-known domestic new energy vehicle giants and has long been involved in the research and manufacturing of IGBT in the main engine factory. After years of effort, Litong's standard IGBT heat sink has been successfully put into mass production.

This IGBT module heat sink is manufactured using a cold forging process, which reduces thermal resistance and has a high thermal conductivity compared to traditional processes. It is widely used for thermal cooling of IGBT modules in electric vehicles, achieving the best combination of thermal performance, reliability, cost, weight, and size.

Our company focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of new energy vehicles, battery cell structural components, and spare parts. We are committed to becoming a globally renowned supplier of power battery structural components and new energy vehicle component solutions. In the future, we will work with new energy host manufacturers to focus on the research and development and manufacturing of IGBT injection molded parts, forged parts, and IGBT modules, contributing to China's independent chip dream.